Monday, November 26, 2018

Myra, Ian, and Jamal

Chapter 39

          On Friday, I didn’t have many classes, so I spent my afternoon enjoying YouTube videos about various serial killers. One of the more interesting cases involved an English couple named Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. They sexually assaulted and murdered many children in their home. Then, after their foul deeds had been committed, these two reprobates buried the little bodies in the moor.

          Both these sickos died in prison. But they became very popular amongst the English liberal jet-set—especially Myra. In fact, many famous Brits petitioned for her early release from the penitentiary. They claimed that she had been rehabilitated. Luckily, she never saw the light of day again. Ian and Myra are now burning in hell as we speak. And it should be a lesson to all sinners. God will eventually cut you down.

          I got home at 5 p.m. and watched the Tucker Carlson Show. The topic of Jamal Khashoggi was discussed at length. Jamal was a Saudi journalist who got hacked to bits by his fellow Saudi countrymen in the nation of Turkey.

          Rice-Boy Larry said, “That’s awful. They cut the poor guy to pieces.”

          I shrugged.

          Larry said, “Don’t you care?”

          “These desert types have been committing atrocities against God for over five-thousand years. So suddenly I’m supposed to weep now? Bitch, please.”

          “If they’ve been acting like this for centuries, then why is there such a big fuss?”

          “Not for centuries, son. But for thousands of years. These barbaric desert types even helped the Romans crucify God. And the fuss—as you put it—is all an act. Nobody gives a shit about Jamal. It’s nothing more than Trump Derangement Syndrome. These liberal ass clowns blame our president for everything.”

          “Why do they hate Trump so much?”

          “Because they are liberal loons. Did you know that Khashoggi wasn’t even an American citizen? He was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

          “Is the Muslim Brotherhood bad?”

          “Of course it’s bad. But liberal loons love everything that isn’t white or Christian.”

          Later, I enjoyed the NFL while lounging on the sofa. I viewed all three Thanksgiving games. My favorite was the Saints vs. the Falcons. I truly believe that New Orleans will win the Superbowl this year.

          On Saturday, we caught a taxi to my wife’s clinic. She needed more medicine for her Grave’s Disease. Her doctor is a fat Russian man. He told me that he might visit Harbin during Christmas.

          I said, “That’s gonna be freezing.”

          He said, “You not know freezing, my friend. I born Siberia. I wash balls in cold water every morning. It not bother me. That how we do thing in Russia. How you American take over world is mystery to me.”

          After that, we ate lunch at a hotpot restaurant. We feasted on shrimp, mussels, and bullfrog. Bullfrog doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds. It has a meaty chicken-like flavor.

          We arrived home at 6 p.m. I watched several episodes of Penny Dreadful. I  originally viewed the show many years ago, but it never fails to keep me entertained. I ate several Oreo cookies as I relaxed on the couch.

          My wife said, “You eat again?”

          I nodded.

          She shot me the stink eye. “You spill da cookie on da fwoor. I not want to crean again. You such a cunt.”

          “Really? You’re calling me a cunt because I dropped a crumb on the floor?”

          “You vacuum! Not me! Cunt!”

          Then she stormed upstairs.

          Later that night, I surfed porno on the internet. Porn is illegal in China, so you have to use a VPN to reach your favorite sites. I enjoyed several videos starring Ebony Ayes. Ebony’s a foxy black woman with a huge set of tits. She doesn’t take it in the ass, but she does accept the occasional facial. What’s not to like?

          I jerked off in the bathroom. My orgasm was quite explosive. I really had a good time.

          I didn’t go to church on Sunday. I haven’t been in ages. Don’t get me wrong. I still believe in God. But I’m having a hard time getting off my rump these days. I just hope that the Lord will give me a pass. I’d hate to spend the rest of eternity living next to Myra Hindley, Ian Brady, and Jamal Khashoggi. Talk about a shitty neighborhood.     


  1. Sounds like your life sucks!

  2. edits to consideration:

    "Of course, it’s bad"
    [maybe no needing of comma]

    "You not know freezing, my friend. I born Siberia. I wash balls in cold water every morning. It not bother me. That how we do thing in Russia. How you American take over world is mystery to me."
    ["You are not know the freezing, my friend. I am born Siberia. I washing the balls in cold waters every morning. Is not to bothering me. Is how we are do thing in Russia. How you Americans taking over world is big mystery for me."]

    If not going church on the sunday, is why the on line biblestudy, amen and amen. And to up load lessonplans of prayer on bended knee for the edifaction of the beliefers, amen. Probly the beast have been reading from the Samual book and chapter 23 about slewing, wherefor it goeth:

    And he sleweth an Egyptian, an handsome man with a manbun and groomed beard. The Egyptian had a spear in his hand, but Benaiah went down to him with a staff and snatched the spear out of the Egyptian’s hand and killed him with his own spear and cut him into pieces and then did the jackals of the field and ravens feast upon his flesh beneath the skies, amen.

    The International Journal of Critical Analytics has more informations about this subject:

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